This conversation in the NeoClassicGroupthink thread is an interesting study in the lens with which certain people view the world.

Scarlet Fever Disco Ball has glommed onto my intro to the Raffey catfishing post and interpreted it as we should have known Raffey was fake because she was a WOC who went to Stamford, and we all know that no black women could do that. I'll admit that the wording I used was sloppy, but her interpretation is completely wrong. The point I was making was that everything about Raffey was deliberately designed to be the ultimate Groupthinker. She was not just a woman, but she was also black. She, like Richard Sherman had overcome poverty and attended a highly respected University. She looked like a model. She was an animal lover and volunteer, she had a gender non conforming child with cancer. She had a white husband so her kids were mixed race. Her son was a savant orator on social justice issues. Her feminist husband was sensitive but also a tough biker who liked to be pegged. She worked, by my estimate, 37 jobs. Raffey was a persona that GT desperately wanted to believe in because her life was a perfect feminist ideal (aside from the brief cancer battle).

All of these things were the way she defined herself, I only listed them starting with the biggest facet of her persona, the fact that she was a WOC. If you read the opening paragraph of my article share through a lens of racism, then you arrive at a racist interpretation of why we should have know Raffey was fake. If you adjust your lens, then the paragraph reads as a summary of a clear fiction created for maximum sympathy from a specific audience. There are many regulars on GT who are so far down the social justice rabbit hole, that they are no longer (or maybe never were) capable of self reflection because every problem or criticism they encounter is the result of their particular SJ issue. Did a man try to debate you on feminism? They're just a mansplainer! Did someone point out that maybe Raffey was entirely fictitious or at least a serial liar? They're just racist! Did someone create a blog make fun of GT? Must be a MRA! Did a mod just inform a POC that calling someone a cunt on GT would get them banned? There's problematic paternalistic racial undertones to your post!

Pro tip: Anyone can be an asshole. I should know. If people are calling you an asshole, they may not be racist or misogynistic, it's possible that you are just an asshole.