Today, the proprietor of a questionable GoFundMe page offered up advice on how to deal with another public grifter:

"I don't AT ALL SUGGEST YOU DO THIS! Because it's mean.

donate a dollar or .02 from a burner e-mail and leave a comment saying you're paying for the world's smallest violin or paying for him to buy a newspaper and read about the current state of journalism, etc.

Don't do it. You're better than that.

But if you do? Do it well."

There is certainly no person better suited to commenting on privileged people crowd funding money than the woman begging for $8000 to nominally prolong the life of a simple house cat, one that could be replaced for free from any roadside box.

So KABarrick, I attempted to take your advice and would have gladly donated $1, but you set the minimum donation at an outrageous price of $5. So fuck your cat.